Westfield Forge - Blacksmith Commission work undertaken and more...
Handmade Hooks

Spiral Hook, approx 12cm long, can be made shorter or longer.
Hand hammered.

Spirl hooks £10 large, £9. medium, £8 small

Heart Hook approx 12 cms long.
made to order, quantity discounts available.Heart hooks as above

Scroll Hook approx 12 cms long. 
Hand hammered rustic charm

Scroll Hooks £10 large, £9 medium, £8. small

Plain hooks, rustic looking, can be made different sizes.Plain hooks 

£8. each

train shaped double hook £12.50 each

Train shaped double hook

These hooks are great for hammering straight in to beams or fence posts.

Nail, drive hooks

untensil racks. Made to order. You choose the size you need.Utensil / mug rack.
Can be made with fewer hooks, larger or smaller hooks. 
This size 50cm approx

Bowed utensil rack with Heart ends.Heart end utensil
cup rack
40cm approx
other sizes  can be made.

Entwined leaves coat rack, can be made longer and wider. This size 70cm 

Decorative leaf end coat rack.
Any size can be ordered.
Strong and beautiful.

Assorted sized 'S' hooks.
'S' hooks 

More items will be added soon...
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